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ACT-1111 "NG" Jel Gear Lubricant (0.5 oz.)

For use on all gears, countergears , shafts, and bolsters.

Easy To apply. Just brush it on. Will not fly off or shed.

Gears will run more quietly and smoothly.

Includes applicator brush.

6.25 5.79
ACT-2112 Motor Bearing Lubricant (1 oz.)

A superb lubricant formulated for all motor bushings.

Use on bearings, bushings, valve gear, side rods, and draft gear of small gauge equipment (Z through HO).

Will lubricate for extended periods of time.

Includes applicator tip.

8.25 7.59
ACT-2752 Bearing Lube - Heavy Duty (1 oz.)

For applications that require a heavier viscosity material.

Formulated for the bearings and bushings in large scale trains.

Includes applicator tip.

8.25 7.59
ACT-3753 Conducta Lube & Cleaner (1 oz.)

Cleans and lubricates commutators and brushes, improving current flow while enhancing performance and extending brush life.

Has been found to reduce amp draw by as much as 50%, enhancing the capabilities of DCC operations.

Includes applicator tip.

8.25 7.59