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MS100 MS100 LocoNet PC Computer Interface-RS232

MS100 RS232 Computer Interface for connecting LocoNet to your IBM compatible PC.

The MS100 Computer Interface is designed to let a computer with an IBM compatible COM, or RS232 communications port, monitor Digitrax LocoNet.

Application software running in the computer can then interpret the activity on the LocoNet and report back to the user via the computer screen.

The MS100 is a signal level translator between LocoNet and a 25 pin DB25 style RS232 port.


  • Computer Interface for use with IBM compatible PCs. Connects to COM or RS232 communications port
  • Allows you to control LocoNet compatible devices using 3rd party software
  • Please refer to the documentation of the third-party software for full details of the features and capabilities of the optional software you have purchased
  • Be sure the software that you choose it "LocoNet Certified or Compatible"
  • Works as a signal translator between LocoNet and a 25 pin DB25 style RS232 port
  • For IBM compatibles with only a 9 pin male DB9 type COM port connector, you can use a DB9(female) to DB25(male) adapter commonly sold in computer stores to make this conversion to the regular DB25 style COM connector. Be sure you are connected to the correct COM port and that you have it set up as required to match the settings needed by your software package.

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PR2 PR2 SoundFX Serial Port Decoder Programmer

The PR2 lets SoundFX users download and customize their Digitrax SoundFX decoders.

Users can download new project sound files and even re-flash their decoder's firmware for latest updates.


  • Use with your PC, Programming Track and 12V dc power supply
  • Customize any Digitrax SoundFX decoder
  • Create, manage, test & download Digitrax sound projects (.spj) into your SoundFX decoders
  • Select which sound files (.wav) to associate with sound sequences in any sound project and download the modified sound project to any Digitrax SoundFX decoder
  • Digitrax SoundLoader Software included
  • Use the SoundTest feature to run the speed up or down and set any combination of functions to on or off while the locomotive remains stationary on the PR2 programming track
  • You can upload sound projects you have created to share with others, too!


  • PR2
  • SoundLoader Software
  • Installation CD and instructions
  • Cables needed to hook up to a 25 or 9 pin PC Serial port (USB adapters can also be used)

In addition you will need (not included):

  • A 12-15V DC Power Supply (Digitrax recommends the PS14)
  • A PC Computer running Windows XP with SoundLoader or equivalent program running
  • An isolated programming track section (You won't need a power boosterÓ to increase programming track voltage)

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PR3XTRA PR3 Xtra SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

-- Now includes PS14 power supply!!! --

The PR3 lets SoundFX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder's firmware for latest updates.

It also acts as a computer interface and LocoNet Translator for your PC.

The PR3 is the most economical computer Interface Digitrax offers, it has all the functionality of a PR2 and a MS100 combined in one.

It functions on the more modern USB 2.0 interface making it easier to connect and more friendly to newer PCs.


  • Multifunction USB 2.0 PC connectivity for your railroad
  • Digitrax SoundLoader compatible. Programs Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders
  • Programs CVs for most DCC decoders
  • LocoNet MS100 mode with Fully Buffered Input and Output data
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7 and 8
  • Runs on Mac OS X with JMRI
  • No external power needed for MS100 mode
  • For Stand Alone Programming Mode the included external power supply is required
  • Automatic configuration. No jumpers or switches required. Configurations can be set by software or manually.
  • Selectable LocoNet termination. For standalone operation without needing a Command Station
  • LED state indicator lights
  • Small, convenient package
  • Firmware updates available from Digitrax Web site
  • Meets FCC Class B requirements

Using the PR3 Xtra Programmer and SoundLoader software:

  • You can substitute different .wav files into a sound project file (.spj) or you can start from scratch and build your own sound project
  • You can download sound projects from the Digitrax Sound Depot web site www.digitrax.com/sounddepot
  • You can upload sound projects you have created to share with others too!
  • Digitrax encourages sound project file sharing among hobbyists
  • You can download a sound project into your Digitrax SoundFX decoder equipped locomotive
  • You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout


  • PR3 Xtra
  • Instruction sheet
  • USB cable
  • PS14 power supply

In addition you will need (not included):

  • A Computer running Windows/MAC OS X with SoundLoader or equivalent program running
  • SoundLoader software is downloadable from the Digitrax web site
  • An isolated programming track section

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