Stationary Decoders
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DS44 1 in stock

DS44 Basic Quad Stationary Decoder

Basic Quad Stationary Decoder for Slow Motion Turnout Machines, add cost effective DCC control to your slow motion turnouts.


  • No frills stationary decoder
  • Simple installation and set up
  • Control 4 slow motion turnout machines from your DCC throttle
  • Quick set up for sequential addresses (like the DS54)
  • Independent address set up also available (you can choose any stationary address for each turnout machine)

Note: DS44 will not work with solenoid type turnout machines.

39.99 31.99
DS51K1 4 in stock

DS51K1 Stationary Decoder For Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts

DS51K1 Stationary Decoder For Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts, easy cost effective way to add DCC control to your Kato Unitrack Turnouts.


  • Stationary Decoder For Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts or other similar device
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective control for a single Kato Unitrack turnout or other similar device
  • Rated at 0.5 Amps. Great for HO & N Scale
  • Small size
  • 0.319 x 0.509 x 0.152 inches
  • 8.11 x 12.94 x 3.88 mm

14.99 11.99
DS64 2 in stock

DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder

The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control.

The DS64 works with a wide selection of hardware. From solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, the DS64 hasn't met a turnout it doesn't like.

This affordable, easy to install decoder will add another dimension to your operations.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Operates four turnouts
  • Slow Motion Machines
  • Solenoid Machines
  • Switch inputs for turnout control
  • LocoNet Control and feedback
  • Integral capacitor discharge
  • Operates from track power or a separate booster
  • Buffered switch inputs
  • 120.00 x 87.50 x 35.00 mm

59.99 47.99
SE8C 1 in stock

SE8C Signal Decoder

SE8C Plug 'N Play Signal Decoder make it easy to add prototypical signaling to your layout.

The SE8C can drive as many as 32 signal heads with many popular LED signal types.

It can also be used to control up to 8 slow motion turnout machines as either turnout control or control for semaphore type signals.

Easy modular Plug 'N Play and additional accessories make it simple to add signaling to your layout.


  • Control signals manually on your layout with a Loconet Throttle and Command Station
  • Automate control with detection and compatible computer software
  • Drives as many as 32 signal heads of any popular LED type
  • Built in current limiting resistors for setting brightness of LEDs
  • Drives up to 8 semaphore signals using slow motion turnout machines
  • Alternately can be used as stationary decoder to control 8 slow motion turnouts
  • Simple modular Plug 'N Play wiring system
  • Each signal driver cable drives 4 heads
  • Includes a sample Signal Driver Cable and Test Signal Mast
  • Provides 8 inputs for 8 control lines for local turnout control
  • Provides 8 inputs occupancy sensor links
  • For use with DC or DCC controlled layouts
  • Transponding is not necessary to implement signaling

Note: A computer and third party software are necessary to realize the full feature potential of the SE8C.

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