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PS14 2 in stock

PS14 AC/DC Adapter 14V DC 300ma

The PS14 is a 300ma, 14 Volt power supply for powering Digitrax accessories like the UP5, BDL168, DS64, SE8C, LNRP, UR90 & UR91 and others.


  • Universal AC input 95-240V 50/60Hz
  • US 2 prong plug, in sideways orientation to fit nicely on a plug strip
  • Stabilized output
  • Weight is only 2 ounces
  • Approximately a 4 foot long cable
  • Right angle, 2.1 mm center positive connector
  • Red LED "power on" indicator

12.95 9.95
PS514 1 in stock

PS514 70W Universal AC Power Supply

For use with Digitrax Starter Sets and accessories in multiple track scales and utility supply usages. Recommended by Digitrax for powering Digitrax Sets & accessories.


  • High efficiency power supply
  • 7 selectable output voltages, 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 16.8V, 19V, 20V, 24V DC output
  • For use with Digitrax Starter Sets and accessories in multiple track scales and utility supply usages
  • Slide switch selectable
  • Supplied with US to IEC, 2-pin grounded cord set
  • Meets MEPS III "green" efficiency standards
  • CE for EM compatiblity and IEC 60950 safety requirements
  • Full galvanic isolation of output voltage from AC input
  • RoHS environmentally sensitive manufacturing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Power indicator light
  • Over current and overload protected
  • Replaces the PS515

59.00 46.50
PS2012 1 in stock

PS2012 20 Amp Power Supply 12 to 23 VDC

This big regulated power supply delivers more power with less heat for more efficient booster operation. 20 Amp PS2012 regulated powersuply is usable with all scales to operate up to 4 Five amp boosters.


  • Operate one or more boosters
  • Scale selectable switch for use with N,HO or large scale
  • Design Coordinated for use with Digitrax products
  • Built-In unit over-curren and over-temp protection
  • DC Output Current Ammeter
  • On/Off switch
  • Integral Colling fan
  • One "Y" cable (p/n YC52) Included for convenience with dual 5 amp protected outputs

179.99 143.95
PSYC52 1 in stock

PSYC52 "Y" Cable

This is the same "Y" cable that is included with the PS2012 power supply and can be used or to connect additional 5 Amp boosters.


  • For use wth PS2012 power supply
  • Each "Y" Cable comes with dual 5 amp protected outputs
  • See the Digitrax PS2012 manual for additional information
  • Up to 24 volt AC or DC compatible
  • For SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) usage only

12.95 10.35