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1.6 Amp
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Prodigy Explorer

Key features of this system are a low entry-level price and uncomplicated operation. Also, it is very easy to upgrade to the features of any other MRC Prodigy system simply by adding accessories (such as throttles) that have the features you want.

  • Ultra-simple operation of up to 4 locomotives
  • 28 accessory functions to handle multi-function sound decoders
  • Easily upgradeable to the functionality of any unit in MRC Prodigy's DCC series
  • Power supply included
139.98 87.95
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Prodigy Express2

For the beginner who needs more sophistication.

  • Decoder read back
  • Advanced consisting
  • Address up to 9999 locos
  • Recall and stack features
  • 28 accessory functions to handle multi-function sound decoders
  • Ability to program all CVs
  • Program on the main or program track
  • Handheld cab with basic operating instructions written on the back
  • Compatible with the accessories made for Express2, Advance2, and Wireless systems
  • Power supply included
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3.5 Amp
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Prodigy Advance2

If you're a multi-user, multi-cab club with a complex layout and you're ready to take advantage of everything the ultimate DCC experience can offer, Prodigy Advance Squared is the system for you. It is also the first DCC system so brilliantly designed that it eliminates the complexities of operation without sacrificing sophisticated technology and comprehensive features.

  • Two or four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available)
  • Advanced and Universal consisting
  • 14-28/128 speed steps for precise speed control
  • Only Prodigy Advance can simultaneously run up to 32 throttles using plug 'n play technology
  • 28 accessory functions to handle multi-function sound systems like MRC Sound Decoders
  • Fast clock with adjustable ratios for running your railroad on an accurate timetable
  • Program all CVs with ease
  • Program on the main or on the program track without affecting active locos
  • Recall and stack features
  • Program and set routes for multi-output N.M.R.A. compatible Accessory Decoders
  • Comes complete with all the present N.M.R.A. upgrades and is easily upgradeable to any future NRMA protocols
  • Wireless ready - just "Plug and Play"
  • Comes complete with power supply, base unit and one handheld, [nothing else to buy to get started]
  • No complex, hard to understand instruction manual. You'll be running trains like a "pro" in minutes
  • Extra ports on the console for additional handhelds and/or extensions plates
  • When you're ready, you can upgrade to Prodigy Advance 2 wireless DCC... all you need is MRC's Wireless Conversion Set (0001412)
  • Also available are power district boosters, ideal for larger layouts
  • Power supply included (15VDC, 4A)
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Prodigy Wireless

Prodigy Wireless is a complete, handheld control system for model railroading that does everything that MRC's Prodigy Advance2 can do... and more... and does it totally wirelessly.

MRC's solid platinum reputation for sophisticated, user friendly DCC technology is evident in the advanced performance of this unique system. Unlike some other systems, Prodigy Wireless lets the hobbyist program, acquire and run all the locomotives and accessories without the chore of plugging in & unplugging. Whenever a locomotive needs to be programmed, our exclusive "Program CV on the Main" button lets you change locomotive characteristics on-the-fly. This lets the model railroader spend less time on a programming track, and more time operating the railroad. With its built-in capability of delivering all 28 NMRA functions, and upgradeable to 100 functions, Prodigy Wireless effortlessly delivers the total control and full mobility and benefits that only MRC's complete, full function, duplex radio control system can deliver.

  • Program, acquire and run your locos & accessories from a wireless handheld, just like wired
  • No need to plug & unplug every time you want to program a loco
  • Easy to use & program
  • No special receivers to install inside locos
  • Wireless & wired Prodigy Advance throttles can be used simultaneously, side-by-side
  • Plug into system console to recharge... continue complete control even while charging
  • Rechargeable battery & built in charger included
  • Built-in voltage display to monitor battery voltage
  • The best range in the industry, up to 80 ft... so there's no need for repeaters. What's more, you can use up to 32 handhelds at one time. Together, these features make this an ideal wireless system for large club layouts.
  • Power supply included (15VDC, 4A)

Prodigy Wireless is a stand alone system that comes equipped with a base station, a power supply, a wireless handheld, a recharging cable, and rechargeable batteries.

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10 Amp
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Prodigy Elite

The New Prodigy Elite takes DCC control and performance to a new level of sophistication. Offering a massive 10 amps of controlled power, the Pro-Elite will be a perfect fit for large club layouts or for the modeler who demands the best.

  • Handheld with backlit display for voltage, amps and fast clock
  • Fast clock features adjustable ratios - works in conjunction with the clock on the handheld
  • Light array delivers programming status, power consumption [overload], link and link speed
  • Operates up to 99 handhelds at one time
  • Access up to 28 accessory functions
  • Manage turnout routing, run advanced or universal consists
  • Use two or four digit addressing
  • Sturdy aluminum cabinet with backlit display
  • Two front-mounted cab jacks
  • One rear-mounted jack for extra handhelds, extension plates, wireless receiver or PC interface
  • One rear-mounted jack for booster output
  • Cooling fan for added protection
  • Easily converts to wireless operation
  • Includes external 15VDC, 10A regulated power supply
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