Decoder Tester
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Profi-Tester Decoder Tester

Testing decoders, especially prior to installation, can save hours of installation and troubleshooting time and the Profi-Tester makes testing decoders easy.

Decoders can be connected to the board with in multiple ways:

  • NMRA 8-pin (NEM652) plug socket
  • 6-pin (NEM651) plug socket
  • 21-pin MTC plug socket
  • Next18 plug socket
  • PluX22 plug socket
  • screw terminals

Outputs for verification of proper decoder functioning include:

  • 5 pole skewed armature can motor with flywheel
  • headlight and backup light LED monitors
  • LED monitors for two additional lighting outputs
  • 20mm speaker for testing LokSound decoders
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