LokSound Select Direct

LokSound Select Direct Electrical Ratings & Specifications

Amp Rating: 1.1
Voltage (Max): 27
Size (Imperial): 2.72 x 0.67 inches
Size (Metric): 69 x 17 mm
Audio Amplifier: 2 Watt, 4 Ohm load
Speaker Imped: 4 - 8 Ohms
Memory Capacity: 32 MBit
Sound Channels: 8
Motor Drive: Back-EMF
Function Outputs: 6 @ 250mA each
Interface: "Atlas-style" replacement board
Features Common to All LokSound Select Decoders

  • Follows all NMRA DCC standards and recommended practices
  • Dual mode DCC & DC
  • On-board capacitance for smooth operation
  • Supports 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • Supports short (2-digit) and long (4-digit) addressing
  • Up to 29 function keys are supported
  • Supports all DCC programming modes, including Programming on the Main
  • Low-power design allows programming on program tracks without additional boosters
  • Reprogrammable with any "LokSound Select" sound files using the LokSound Programmer
  • Up to 16 whistles/airhorns
  • Playable whistle
  • 8 channel sound
  • Synchronized brake squeal
  • Manual notching
  • Individual sound effect volume control
Lighting Effects
  • Simple On/Off Lamp
  • D312 Rotary Beacon
  • Strobe & Alternate Flashing
  • Firebox Flicker
  • Smart Firebox Flicker
  • Mars Light
  • Gyralight
  • Ditch Lights (2 types)
  • Oscillating Headlights
  • Stratolight
  • Many More!
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LokSound Select Direct Decoder

ESU provides an ever-changing and growing list of LokSound Select sound files for different locomotives, too many to list and keep up to date here.

You must enter the 5-digit number of the desired ESU sound file in the text box to the right.

The sound files and their 5-digit numbers may be found at the following links on the ESU web site:

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