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Now you can experience hiccup-free sound and operation with any DCC decoder and the new CurrentKeeper.

The CurrentKeeper provides continuous sound and smooth operation by maintaining uninterrupted electrical power for up to 10 seconds - perfect for dirty track and finicky runners.


The CurrentKeeper includes a 2-pin plug on the end of the wiring harness, which we anticipate will work with newer products with a matching plug (like the SoundCar).

Basic soldering skills are required to for installation on the TSU-1000, TSU-750, and AT-1000 decoders.

ADVANCED SOLDERING SKILL is required to install with BW-1000, GN-1000, IM-1000, and KT-1000 decoders.

Size (Imperial): 1.57 x 0.43 x 0.24 inches
Size (Metric): 40 x 11 x 6 mm
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Replacement Tsunami 'Keep-Alive' Capacitor

This 25V, 220�F capacitor helps keep power to the decoder while going over dirty track, switches, or other momentary power losses. For use with decoders that use an external capacitor assembly such as the TSU-1000, TSU-750, and AT-1000.

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16V, 33�F Bipolar Capacitor

This 16V, 33�F bipolar capacitor helps filter out noise on the speaker circuit. Commonly wired in series with speakers on SoundTraxx LC series and other decoders. (Tsunami decoders have onboard filtering and do not require this capacitor.)

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2.1mm Microbulb Six-Pack

2.1mm (0.094") diameter, 1.5 Volt, 35mA microbulb for use as Hyperlight bulb replacements for additional effects. Ideal as large-diameter HO headlights (F-units, steam engines) and O-Scale models.

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3mm LED Six-Pack, Sunny White

3mm (0.012") diameter, 3.3 Volt, Sunny White LEDs for using as Hyperlight bulb replacements or additional effects.

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3mm LED Six-Pack, Golden White

3mm (0.012") diameter, 3.3 Volt, Golden White LEDs for using as Hyperlight bulb replacements or additional effects.

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Insulative Tubing

24" of 24 awg insulative tubing

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Shrink Tube Assortment

6" each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", and 1/4" diameter tubing.

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Micro-Mini Connectors

Package of ten .025" diameter pins and mating receptacles.

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Steam Locomotive Wiring
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Exhaust Cam Set

A quick and easy way to install cams for cam-synchronized exhaust.

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Wire Harnesses
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Replacement Tsunami Power Harness, Steam and Diesel

Replacement 9-Wire to JST Power harness.

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Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Steam

Replacement 3-Wire to JST Speaker and Cam harness.

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Replacement Tsunami Speaker Harness, Diesel

Replacement 2-wire to JST Speaker harness.

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NMRA-Compatible 8-Pin Connector (Male, pkg. of 4)

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JST to 8-pin Wiring Harness

This harness easily converts your universal-style digital sound decoder to a plug and play decoder for use with models equipped with an NMRA 8-pin socket.

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