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The track, turnouts, and Peco accessories all arrived quickly and well packaged. I appreciate the great service I received in every phase of the order, and I'm glad I found you. When I have more Peco HOn3 needs, you'll be my go to store.
David (Colorado)

I received the order that I placed with you earlier this week. I am very pleased with my purchase, the timely manner in which it was sent out, and the overall quality of you and your staff's performance!!!!!
Great job!!
Todd (Hawaii)

My order was received yesterday. Thanks for the prompt service. I did spread the good word at my club last night.
Jacques (Canada)

This order arrived safely in Australia today. While I haven't actually had time to test these items yet, they arrived in new packaging, and I expect that they will work perfectly.
I'm really pleased with my transaction, and I will purchase from Steve's Depot again. Thank you to all involved.
Kind regards from 'Down Under',
Wesley (Australia)

Package arrived yesterday. I ran the engines and had no problems. The sound system on the yellow engine sounds terrific. Thanks again for another job well done.
Frank (Massachusetts)

Hi Steve,
I did pick up the package last night and I have it in hand. Again I can only thank you for how you handled that ordeal from your end. Very much appreciated!!! If you ever need references for your service please let me know. Would be more than happy to oblige.
Best regards,
Christian (Germany)

At the NMRA show, I asked you about a decoder problem that I was having with my Tsunami decoder and Bachmann engine. You were very helpful. The SoundTraxx PTB-100 power booster that I purchased from you and a power adapter solved my problem, and I have successfully programmed my engine.
Thanks again!
Rich (Massachusetts)

I finally made it home. Thanks for spending so much time with me on Thursday. If I remember half of what you said I will be happy.
Rob (Massachusetts)

Received the loco today and it looks super. I should have it on the rails tomorrow.
Thanks for the great service.
Bill (New York)
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I received my [Blackstone Models] C-19 today. It is a great model. I ran it on DC and it worked as you advertised. I look forward to ordering more from you (including a complete DCC system) early next year.
You provided friendly service and prompt shipping.
Werner (Arizona)

Thanks very much for your outstanding service on my recent order. Having just re-entered the hobby after a 11 year hiatus, and switching from HO to HOn3, I am pleased to have found a supplier with such great service and look forward to many more orders to your establishment in the near future.
Thanks again.
Bruce (Alabama)

Hello Steve,
Just a small order dated the 12th of August, and just received in the Netherlands, dated the 16th of August.
This is the fastest package I received from the USA ever.
Thanks a lot.
Martin (The Netherlands)

Great job, you are on my preferred list for Digitrax parts.
Mike (New Mexico)

Hi Steve,
Just a short note that both parcels arrived. Thank you for your excellent service.
Vince (Canada)

Hello Steve,
Thank you very, very much for your detailed, in-depth expertise, suggestions and dedication to support a customer!
Best regards,
Zoran (Croatia)

Hi Steve,
Order placed for the PowerCab and some Digitrax stationary decoders for my points.
Thanks very much. You have been very helpful which helped me choose you over other suppliers who may have undercut you on price (but not by much) but have not provided the friendly and useful advice you have taken the time to.
I just want to thank you again for your excellent customer service.
Leigh (United Kingdom)

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the cab, works perfectly. My grandson will enjoy. Also thanks for the advice on my steam loco shorting at slow speed. That worked perfectly also.
Thanks again,
Bob (New Hampshire)

Hello Steve,
Thank you for your kindness in fixing up the mix-up of the decoder. You can bet that when I am asked by [others] who they can order from with confidence (and I am asked that question often), I will let them know that I am totally satisfied with the service I have received from Steve's Depot, and if they want to buy something they should at least check you out first.
Again, Thank You for your generosity.
Jim (Australia)

Hello Steve,
I received the package today. It takes longer to get from the arrival place in Holland to my home than to get from the US to Holland! Well packed. Maybe we will do some more business in the future.
Jan (The Netherlands)

Hi Steve,
I got the OG-AR today. Thanks for the outstanding service. I'll be back for more.
Jim (Georgia)

Hi Steve,
The locomotives arrived Monday. They work beautifully. I should have used your expertise for my 4-6-4!
Thanks again Steve,
Terry (Virginia)

Dear Steve,
With your help I was able to re program a couple of my locomotives. Nothing spectacular, just changed the whistles. Also was able to re program the CV 29 on the Con Cor Galloping Goose to change the polarity. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help and the encouragement.
Mike (Massachusetts)

I have to say that I am impressed with the quick and efficient way you have handled my purchases. I like the way that your Blackstone items are displayed on your website. Its probably the most logical layout of info I've seen.
R.S. (Maryland)

I just wanted you to know the locomotive arrived yesterday in good condition. I was able to take it to my club's layout and try it out. Everyone was impressed with the sound and the over-all performance of the engine. Thank you for a job well done and be assured I will recommend your services to others.
Thanks again,
Don (North Carolina)

I did receive the items, very quick shipment, this was great. I will be back.
Thank you,
Henri (California)

Hi Steve,
Received the Trainmaster yesterday. Who said the mail is slow! It arrived in great shape and runs well. Everything looks and sounds fine per the instructions. You did a great job.
Thanks again,
Jim (Pennsylvania)

Received NW2 in today's mail (Wednesday). Test ran the unit and it is perfect. Very happy with it! Thank you, and I'll remember you in the future.
Jerry (Ohio)

Hi Steve,
Thank you for taking the time to explain the NCE DCC to me at the model railroad open house Sunday in Hingham. I have an idea of what I need and about DCC in general from things I learned speaking with people here and there. You, however, are the only person who really cared about their products and took the time to explain them in detail. Being in the customer service field all my life, it is important to me to deal with companies like yours.
Thank you again,
Raymond (Massachusetts)

I recieved my NCE order today and wow am I excited. I am so glad I chose to order from you. Every response on the order was made very promptly and the personal phone call concerning the status of my order was really appreciated. In this world of Email and computer communication, it was a very nice and thoughtful response. I certainly will order anything I need for my railroad from you Steve.
Conrad (Oregon)

Your prompt response and advice are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to receiving the order.
Emil (New Jersey)

Hi Steve,
Thank you, Thank you. [The sound decoder installations] look and sound great. Once again you have done a wonderful job and as usual you are there to answer questions.
Bill (Connecticut)

Dear Steve,
The parcel you sent off to me ... arrived ... and I'm very happy to have been your customer, and receiving my parcel so swiftly. Thanks for your service and I look forward to continued contact.
Jeff (Australia)

Hi Steve,
[My] order arrived today ... in "Darkest Africa". I wish to compliment you on the excellent packaging, everything intact and no problems at this end. Thank you again for the excellent service. I will recommend you to all the MR guys here.
K. Whitelaw (South Africa)

Hello Steve,
My Sperry car and cleaning car arrived A-OK today ... Just wanted to thank you and appreciate the great work.
Greg (Maryland)

Hello Steve,
Just had to E-Mail you with Congratulations on opening a Hobby Shop. I am sure it will go very well for you as I have been very pleased with your work on my two little moguls. Keep up the good work and it will go great for you.
Jim (Michigan)

Hi Steve,
Just a short email to let you know my order of two SoundTraxx decoders and two speakers have arrived safe and sound. Excellent packing!!
A big thank you for your prompt and friendly service.
Roy (United Kingdom)

Many thanks. Order arrived safely after only 6 days. Excellent! Thanks for the great service and reasonable shipping & handling fees. Further orders will follow.
John (Australia)

Good morning Steve,
Just to let you know that my decoder and bits arrived safe and sound this morning. A big thank you for the excellent service you provide. I will in future be buying all my decoders, etc. from you.
Mike (Spain)

Just to inform you that today I received [my order] in perfect condition. Once again your quality of service has impressed me. Again, thanks for your excellent customer service, and I will continue shopping in such a great train shop.
Jose (Spain)

Hi Steve,
The items arrived at my colleague's in perfect condition and the comment was how professional the packing was. Many thanks for the shipment.
Alan (United Kingdom)

Received the decoder. Thanks for the quick delivery.
Raymond (Maine)

Thanks for another speedy delivery time. I ordered my decoders on Saturday night, and received them Wednesday. That's the way everyone should operate!
John (California)

Hope the [Amherst Railway Society's] show was good to you. I picked up a Digitrax Zephyr system on Saturday along with a decoder for a Kato diesel. I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with my purchase and hope that the future holds great success for Steve's Depot. My new N scale layout is still in the design stage and it may be a while before I actually start to use my new DCC unit, but it is nice to know that there is a reputable dealer behind it.
Thanks again. It was nice to meet you.
Vincent (Connecticut)

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the great service.
Richard (Tennessee)

I received the items on Saturday. That's really fast service. Thanks.
I've bookmarked your site and will be back for more.
Thanks again.
Larry (Michigan)

Thanks, Steve!
Word is getting out about you and your high level of customer service out here on the Left Coast, so before too long you can expect to hear from me again.
The fact alone that you drove across town after hours in sub-zero temperatures just so that I can have next day delivery speaks of your level of commitment to your customers.
Bob (California)

Thanks Steve,
Just got my Lenz [equipment] 1 week to the day. Great service!
John (California)

Many thanks for your service Steve!
Bernard (Mexico)

I placed an order via the internet and it came through right on time, just as promised, even in the busy holiday time. Keep up the good work!
Scott (Massachusetts)

Hi Steve,
Many thanks for your wonderful service. [Shipping] from USA to South Oz is faster with orders than some hobby shops here.
Ian (Australia)

I am truly impressed with how you deal with your customers... Well done!
Dennis (North Carolina)

Hi Steve,
All received today. Thanks for [the] great service!
Bill (Connecticut)

G'Day Steve,
This is just a courtesy note to let you know that the parcel you sent to me ... arrived today [and] I now have a present under the tree. I would like to thank you very much for your service [and am] looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
Steven (Australia)

Hi Steve,
Just thought I would let you know I received my order safe and sound... quick and neatly packaged [with] friendly, quick, and informative service. Thanks.
Bob (New York)

Best source for DCC, great selection, great price, great support, A+ service.
Sameer (Massachusetts)

Hi Steve,
Items received today - your prompt service much appreciated!
Viv (Australia)

Dear Steve,
I received my package very quickly. Thanks for the quick service. I would recommend you to anyone!
Jeffrey (New Hampshire)

I just wanted to drop you a quick line thanking you for the quick, kind, and very courteous service I received from you. The [decoder installation] you performed for me was very well done and the service ... was the best I have received in many years.
P.S. I will be highly recommending you to all my friends and anyone that will listen.
Russell (Arizona)

Hello Steve,
Just to let you know, [my order] arrived safe and sound. Thanks again for your very efficient and friendly attention. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Pete (United Kingdom)

Just a note to thank you for your prompt, efficient and courteous attention to my little order which arrived safely on Tuesday. Suppliers often seem to be reluctant to despatch overseas but you prove just how easy it is. I will certainly be back.
Alan (Australia)