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Adlake Marker Lights
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Replacement Lamps & LEDs
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Replacement Lamps (2 count)

1.5 volt replacement lamps for HO and O scale adlake marker lights and all HO and S scale drumheads. Also O scale keystone drumheads. Replacement lamps for Tomar signals.

2 per package.

List: 6.75
Discount: 40%

Steve's: 4.05
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Replacement LEDs (2 count)

Replacement LEDs for O/HO marker lights, any Tomar signal with this lighting. All O, S, HO and N scale drumheads.

2.2k 1/4 watt resistors included.

2 per package.

List: 10.80
Discount: 40%

Steve's: 6.48