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1415 Prodigy Advance2 Throttle

This throttle can be used with the Prodigy Advance2 and Prodigy Express systems.

  • Two or four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available)
  • Advanced and Universal consisting
  • 14-28/128 speed steps for precise speed control
  • 28 accessory functions to handle multi-function sound systems like MRC Sound Decoders
  • Fast clock with adjustable ratios for running your railroad on an accurate timetable
  • Program all CVs with ease
  • Program on the main or on the program track without affecting active locos
  • Recall and stack features
  • Program and set routes for multi-output N.M.R.A. compatible Accessory Decoders
129.98 77.95
Wireless Radio
1412 Prodigy Wireless Conversion Set


  • wireless handheld transmitter
  • receiver unit
  • four-rechargeable, 600 mAh, NiMh "AAA" batteries
  • short cord for recharging the wireless handheld

The receiver unit simply plugs into any handheld port on your base unit or extension plate. Only one receiver is needed regardless of how many wireless handhelds you are using.

You can do everything with this wireless handheld that you can do with its tethered cousins:

  • program on a program track
  • program on the main
  • acquire and run all locos
  • set up consists and routes
  • access accessory decoders

Button layout is as familiar as the Prodigy Advance2 handheld, with the addition of three "new" buttons:

  • Prog CV On Main - This button lets you automatically go into CV programming of the locomotive you are presently operating without having to press the "program" button and "enter" button numerous times to reach this feature. You can enter this programming mode, change the decoders' parameters, and exit the program mode anytime you want and as many times as you want.
  • Save - This button is used to save your current locomotives to your recall stack before switching off the power switch to the handheld, and shutting your base unit power off. Enter your locos' road numbers as you would normally with any of the tethered handhelds, and just press the "save" button.
  • Bat Voltage - This is your battery voltage indicator button. Just press it to monitor the voltage level present in the on-board batteries.
329.98 197.95
1411 Prodigy Wireless Throttle

This is the same throttle included in the Prodigy Wireless Conversion Set.

The difference between this item and the Conversion Set is that this throttle does not include a radio receiver unit.

Purchase this item only if you already have a radio receiver unit.

One radio receiver unit can accommodate many Prodigy Wireless Throttles.

209.98 125.95