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BigSound Computer Interface Kit

The Computer Interface connects to the BigSound™ 2K2, P5, PB9, P8 and PB11 systems, enabling folks to adjust settings and parameters to suit their preferences.

Select from a library of over 70 American and European sound sets, including steam, diesels and electric locomotives, gas-powered vehicles, streetcars, rotary snowplow, sound effects and more!

All programming adjustments can be made without ever removing the sound board from the locomotive!

Adjustable Parameters
  • All individual sound volumes, including those for the Bell, Whistle, Forward Whistle, Reverse Whistle, Stop Whistle, etc.
  • Chuff Rhythm
  • Turbo On/Off and Volume for Diesel
  • Chuff Cut-Off
  • Alter the sound of the Chuff with volume control for each level of Chuff
  • Settings for EACH Rev of a Diesel
  • Over 25 settings just for Chuff
  • Over 30 settings just for Diesel Revs
  • and much more!
System Requirements
  • IBM compatible computer running Windows 95 or newer
  • 175 MB of disk space (if you wish to install all the ROM files)
  • USB port (Phoenix USB Interface requires Windows 2000 or newer, Windows 98SE is NOT supported although the software itself will run on older Windows versions.)
  • Power Supply for powering the sound board
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BigSound Computer Interface Box
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USB Cable

USB A-B cable.

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