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BigSound P8 Kits - Custom

BigSound P8 Electrical Ratings & Specifications

Power & Control: DCC, RC/battery
Voltage (Range): 9 to 30
Size (Imperial): 2.25 x 0.88 x 0.44 inches
Size (Metric): 57 x 22.23 x 11.11 mm
Audio Amplifier: 6 Watt, 4 Ohm load
Trigger Inputs: 5 (11 with P5T accessory)
BigSound P8 Features

16-bit Sound Reproduction DCC Decoder Built-In* Advanced Circuit Protection Extensive Sound Library
6 Watt Audio Amplifier Simple Remote Programming 5 External Control Triggers All the Effects of the 2K2
* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Although the P8 board has a built-in DCC decoder, it is used for triggering sound effects from function keys but DOES NOT have the ability to run the locomotive motor!

BigSound P8 Complete Kit Contents

All BigSound P8 Complete Kits include the BigSound P8 sound board, a locomotive-specific speaker (if needed) , 2.5mm computer interface jack, volume switch and documentation (user manual, installation instructions, wiring diagrams).

As appropriate or required for a particular locomotive installation, kits may also contain reed switches, triggering magnets, wiring and specialized documentation..

BigSound P8 Additional Information

The BigSound P8 builds upon and includes all features of previous Phoenix sound systems. It differs from the BigSound PB11 primarily in that it can operate on DCC or RC/battery but not DC power packs. The PB11 can run on DCC, RC/battery and DC power packs.

Sound features can be controlled by DCC throttle function keys when operating on DCC. For additional (or non-DCC) sound feature control the BigSound P8 has 5 external inputs that can be triggered by reed switches or other remote control trigger outputs.

The BigSound P8 is 100% configurable from most Windows personal computers using the simple, graphical computer interface kit (sold separately).

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CUSTOM Customized BigSound P8 Kit

Although Phoenix Sound offers a very large number of prescribed kits for specific locomotive makes and models, every possible locomotive cannot be accommodated, especially when it comes to those who scratch build their locomotives.

Steve's Depot offers customized BigSound P8 Kits that are tailored to your specifications. Simply select the desired sound file, speaker, number of reed switches and triggering magnets, as well as any plug types and kit notes that you would like. If additional information is needed about particular optional items, please refer to the appropraite "Accessories" page on our web site.

If further assistance is needed, please phone, email or write us and we'll be glad to help!

Sound Code (see legend below)
Reed Switches
Reed Magnets
Kit Notes
195.00 179.95

American Steam Sound Codes

Code Type Description
1361 Pennsy K4 #1361 whistle unique to #1361
3SHAY 3 Truck Shay hand rung bell & distinctive whistle
440 4-4-0 American classic turn-of-the-century American Steam
ACS1 Classic Steam small to medium sized steam engines; medium chuff; airy whistle
ACS2 Classic Steam medium to large sized steam engines; heavy chuff; solid whistle
BIGBOY UP 4-8-8-4 Big Boy dual chuff and new compressor for any Big Boy
C16 Consolidation Colorado narrow gauge C-16 prototypcial sound
C21 Consolidation C-21 prototypcial sound.
CABF SP 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward oil burning, horn, dual cross-compound non-stack venting compressors
CLMX Climax Climax prototypcial chuff and whistle
DAY SP GS-4 Daylight SP #4449. Heavy chuff. Daylight-style moaning whistle & airhorn
DOCK 0-6-0 Switcher typical chuff & whistle for a light switcher
DRGW D&RGW typical chuff & whistle for D&RGW narrow gauge
EBT East Broad Top typical chuff for narrow gauge 2-8-2; very melodic whistle
FRIS Frisco #1522 specific sound for 4-8-2 Frisco #1522
GTW GTW #6406 prototypcial for Grand Trunk Western and Canadian National lines
GYPSY Gypsy for small logging locos with independent steam donkey (MoLoCo)
HEIS Heisler prototypical sound for Heisler steam locomotive
HDSON 4-6-4 Hudson prototypical sound for NYC Hudson steam locomotive
K463 K-27 #463 exact prototypcial sound for Rio Grande #463
K473 K-28 #473 exact prototypcial sound for Rio Grande #473
K480 K-36 #480 prototypical sound for K-36, such as Durango & Silverton
MALL 2-8-8-2 Mallet specially distinctive articulated engine, horn & air compressor
MOGUL 2-6-0 Mogul classic late 19th/early 20th century american steam sounds
NORTH 4-8-4 Northern prototypical heavy chuff for 4-8-4 locos with lonely, distant whistle
PORT Porter prototypical chuff and whistle for Porter locomotives
PSHAY 38-Ton Shay prototypical sound for the 38-Ton Phoenix Industries Shay
PRR Pennsylvania RR typical chuff, hand-rung bell & shrill whistle of Pennsy
RGS Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 road typcial chuff and unique RGS whistle
SHAY 36-Ton Shay prototypcial sound for logging and mining narrow gauge Shays
SPAC Southern Pacific Southern Pacific #1218 prototypical sound
SRRL SR&RL prototypcial Forney sound with unique splitting whistle
UINT Uintah double-chuff with in & out of phase for narrow gauge Mallet
V&T Virginia & Truckee typical sound for V&T wood burner with no dynamo
WEST Westside Lumber Shay prototypcial sound for Westside Lumber Co. Shay (3 cylinder ryhthm)

American Diesel Sound Codes

Code Type Description
ALCO ALCO 3-chime horn ping & pop of ALCO 4-stroke diesel; single- & multi-time available
DASH8 GE Dash 8 turbocharged 7FDL16 prime mover with Nathan K3H airhorn
DASH9 GE Dash 9 turbocharged 7FDL16 prime mover with Nathan K5LA airhorn
E8 EMD E8 Dual 12-cyclinder 567B; individual startup & shutdown sounds
F3 EMD F3 16-cylinder 567B with single-chime airhorn
F7 EMD F7 16-cylinder 567B with Leslie S3L airhorn
GENESIS GE Genesis 7FDL16 prime mover with "Amtrak" Nathan K5LA airhorn
GP9 EMD GP9 2-stroke, 16-cylinder 567C with Leslie S3L airhorn
GP30 EMD GP30 turbocharged 16-cylinder 567D3 with 2nd generation airhorn
GP38 EMD GP38 16-cylinder 645E prime mover; roots blower; Nathan K3LA airhorn
GP40 EMD GP40 16-cylinder 645E3 prime mover with Nathan P3 airhorn (sound sample not available)
HH660 ALCO HH660 6-cylinder diesel with a fluttering idle & steam whistle
NW2 EMD NW2 2-stroke, 12-cylinder 567 prime mover with single-chime airhorn
PA ALCO 244 throaty rumble and hearty chug are characteristic of this diesel
PLYM Plymouth light diesel, peanut whistle
RSD ALCO 539 4-stroke, 6-cylinder diesel with a 'chirpy' turbo and fluttering idle
SD40 EMD SD40 2-stroke, turbocharged 16-cylinder 645E3 prime mover
SD45 EMD SD45 turbocharged 20-cylinder 645E3 prime mover with Nathan M3H airhorn
SD70 EMD SD70 2-stroke, turbocharge 710 prime mover, AC traction, Nathan M3 airhorn
U25B GE U25B GE FDL16 prime mover for U-25 or any other GE U-boat

European Locomotive Sound Codes

Code Type Description
ABE44 ABe 4/4 European electric
CLASS66 EMD Series 66 British Rail Class 66 & other Series 66, EMD 710 with two tone EWS horns
CROC Ge 6/6 legendary electric, articulated Crocodile of the RhB Railway
ERACK Electric Rack electric loco with the sound of the cog wheel mechanism for steep grades
EURO European classic European steam chuff, monochromatic single chime British whistle
HARZ Harz German Harz 1-meter gauge steam engine; melodic whistle; mechanical bell
GE44I Ge 4/4 I German electric locomotive
GE44II Ge 4/4 II Swiss electric locomotive with distinctive European whistle
GE44III Ge 4/4 III (description & sound sample not available)
G45 G 4/5 Swiss RhB G 4/5 steam locomotive
SRACK Swiss Rack prototypcial for Swiss Rack steam engine, including cog wheel mechanism

Gas, Electric & Other Sound Codes

Code Type Description
BCE Box Cab Electric electric traction engine; multi-chime horn for all box-cab and other electrics
CITY City Streetcar Chicago streetcar with pole noise, city sounds and an authentic horn
DESIRE New Orleans Streetcar New Orleans Percey Thomas Stretcar Desire; pole noise; crickets; authentic airhorn
DOODLE Gas/Electric Interurban prototypcial gas/electric motor of interurban transit from the 1920's thru 1950's
GG1 GG1 electric tranction engine; multi-chime airhorn, known for use on the Pennsy RR
TROL Electric Streetcar/Trolley unique ring of bell and hollow street-use horn
GOOSE Galloping Goose railcar with truck engine; prototypcial and "ahh-oooga" horns available
RDC Budd Rail Diesel Car Budd dual-diesel rail car for short-haul passenger service post WWII
SPEEDR Work Speeder a truck engine with distinctive ooga horn
RTRY Rotary Snowplow steam hiss and whistle with rotary grind (USA Trains, D&RGW, WP&Y)
SFX Ambient Rail Sound Effects clikc, clack and squeal of wheels against rails; hiss and brake sounds