Phoenix Sound Systems
BigSound PB11 Kits for Aristocraft

BigSound PB11 Electrical Ratings & Specifications

Power & Control: variable DC, DCC, RC/battery
Voltage (Range): 3 to 30
Size (Imperial): 2.56 x 0.93 x 0.50 inches
Size (Metric): 65.0 x 23.6 x 12.7 mm
Audio Amplifier: 3 Watt, 4 Ohm load
Trigger Inputs: 5 (11 with P5T accessory)
BigSound PB11 Features

16-bit Sound Reproduction 3.6V NiMH Rechargeable Battery DCC Decoder Built-In* Advanced Circuit Protection
Extensive Sound Library Built-In Battery Charger Simple Remote Programming Opto Isolation Not Necessary
Polyphonic Sound Integration 3-Volt Low-Speed Operation 5 External Control Triggers Lineout for External Amplification
3 Watt Audio Amplifier BigBoost Built-In Manual and Automatic Operation Twice the Memory of the 2K2
* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Although the PB11 board has a built-in DCC decoder, it is used for triggering sound effects from function keys but DOES NOT have the ability to run the locomotive motor!

BigSound PB11 Complete Kit Contents

All BigSound PB11 Complete Kits include the BigSound PB11 sound board, a locomotive-specific speaker (if needed) and rechargeable battery, 2.5mm computer interface jack, volume switch and documentation (user manual, installation instructions, wiring diagrams).

As appropriate or required for a particular locomotive installation, kits may also contain reed switches, triggering magnets, wiring and specialized documentation..

BigSound PB11 Additional Information

The BigSound PB11 builds upon and includes all features of previous Phoenix sound systems. It differs from the BigSound P8 primarily in that it can operate on DCC, RC/battery and DC power packs. The P8 can run on DCC or RC/battery, but not DC power packs.

Sound features can be controlled by DCC throttle function keys when operating on DCC. For additional (or non-DCC) sound feature control the BigSound PB11 has 5 external inputs that can be triggered by reed switches or other remote control trigger outputs.

The BigSound PB11 is 100% configurable from most Windows personal computers using the simple, graphical computer interface kit (sold separately).

Model Description List Steve's Add Cart
Light Steam
11201-72 Aristocraft 0-4-0 265.00 249.95
11202-54 Aristocraft C-16 265.00 249.95
11220-67 Aristocraft 2-8-0 Consolidation 265.00 249.95
Medium Steam
11210-77 Aristocraft 4-6-2 Pacific 265.00 249.95
11208-71 Aristocraft 2-8-2 Mikado 265.00 249.95
11209-71 Aristocraft 2-8-2 Mikado/Vandy 265.00 249.95
Heavy Steam
11207-69S Aristocraft Mallet

Select this version of the P8 if your Aristo Mallet has a standard (rectangular) tender. This ensures that you receive a kit with the proper speaker.

265.00 249.95
11207-69V Aristocraft Mallet

Select this version of the P8 if your Aristo Mallet has a Vanderbilt (cylindrical) tender. This ensures that you receive a kit with the proper speaker.

265.00 249.95
11203-02 Aristocraft GE Dash 9 265.00 249.95
11205-15 Aristocraft EMD E8 265.00 249.95
11206-09 Aristocraft ALCO FA 265.00 249.95
11213-09 Aristocraft ALCO RS-3 265.00 249.95
11217-16 Aristocraft EMD GP40 (sound sample not available) 265.00 249.95
11214-13 Aristocraft EMD SD45 265.00 249.95
11218-3A Aristocraft EMD Class 66 265.00 249.95
11216-14 Aristocraft GE U25B 265.00 249.95
11212-45 Aristocraft Budd RDC 265.00 249.95
Gas, Electric, Other
11204-42 Aristocraft Doodlebug 265.00 249.95
11211-44 Aristocraft Rail Bus 265.00 249.95
11215-48 Aristocraft Speeder 265.00 249.95
11219-4A Aristocraft PCC Trolley 265.00 249.95