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Command Station & Power Booster
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The command station is the core of the Digital plus model railway control. The command station LZV100 is responsible for data processing, coordinates the information of the input devices, detectors and receivers, and creates the track format.

The Digital plus command station LZV100 combines data processing and signal amplification.

Of course, the command station is designed so that it corresponds to the requirements and conditions of model railway operation. The track voltage can be set between 11 and 22 V with a maximum of 5 A. Non-compliance will cause the digital system to overload and temporarily shut down.


  • Address 0 for one analogue locomotive
  • Up to 29 functions (in combination with the LH100 or Interface with suitable software) for each locomotive address
  • Functions can be set as permanent or temporary functions
  • Configured for RailCom operation
  • 14, 27, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • Double and multiple traction
  • Programming on the programming track and in operational mode (PoM)
  • CV, register and page programming
  • Up to 1,024 addresses for magnetic articles
  • Automatic routing of signals of components that support the feedback function to connected devices via the XpressNet, resulting in extremely fast feedback
  • Integrated data storage for locomotive addresses and related data, such as speed step and function status
  • AUTO mode: Following the switching off and on of the system, the locomotives are supplied with the stored data (operating commands, function status)
  • Connection of up to 31 input devices to the XpressNet

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