Throttles, Panels with XpressNet

The XpressNet� is a network similar to a computer network. XpressNet� connects several input devices with the command station. Input devices can be manual controls as well as interfaces for connection to a PC or router.

From a technical point of view the XpressNet� is a RS485 gateway, thus beeing an industrial standard. Data are sent with a speed of 62,5 kBaud. The command station assigns time slots to max. 31 input devices, during these time slots a device can sent information to the command station. Thanx to the protocol used the devices may be connected and disconnected on the flight which is for instance profitable when operating a large layout: you can disconnect your manual control and connect it on the other end of the layout without "forgetting" any information. The connection comes by 5-pin DIN plugs or "Western" plugs and for instance the adapter LA152.

Das network is set up with 4 core cable. Two cores supplying the power for the connected devices and two cores processing the data transfer.

There is no special topography recommended for the XpressNet�, but loops may not be built. Lengths up to 1000 meters have already been realised without problems.

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The LH90 was developed especially for controlling locomotives. Its operating components are designed and optimised for this purpose.

  • 9999 addresses for digital locomotives
  • Address 0 is reserved for a conventional, analogue locomotive
  • The units, tens, hundreds and thousands of locomotive addresses are entered one after the other
  • A toggle switch serves to determine the direction of travel. If the switch points up, the locomotive moves forward; if the switch points to the centre, the locomotive stops; turning the knob has no effect on the locomotive. If the switch points down, the locomotive moves backward
  • Knob for speed adjustment
  • Emergency stop button serves to stop all locomotives immediately and to switch off the track voltage
  • Facilitates the switching of up to 29 decoder functions (F0 to F28), provided they are supported by the command station used
  • Up to 1000 points, signals, magnetic articles and other accessories can be controlled
  • Set functions in locomotive decoders to continuous or instantaneous operation
  • Double traction and multi traction with individual address
  • Programming on programming track and in operational mode (PoM)

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