Uninterrupted Signal Processing

Everybody knows this problem: dirty tracks, dead frogs, and interrupted contacts, and the locomotive stops (according to Murphy's Law usually on the least accessible part of the layout ...). That is now a problem of the past. In combination with the locomotive decoders of the GOLD series, the storage modules supply the necessary energy for uninterrupted communication between command station and decoder. This is facilitated by the unique USP technology with which we are again setting standards in model railway electronics.

Very clever with USP by Digital plus

Together with the optional energy storage, the intelligent USP circuit ensures that your locomotive can run even over dirty track sections or dead frogs (the energy storage is installed separately in the vehicle). That means: uninterrupted communication between command station and decoder.

The remarkable USP feature

(compared to a simple capacitor): even if there is no electrical contact between track and locomotive the decoder receives information from the command station as long as the power module supports power to the decoder. Thus, in spite of a dirty, currentless track, commands like change of direction still can be given.

Energy from the storage module is requested only if the USP circuit determines that the track contact has been unintentionally interrupted, i.e. not if the locomotive drives into a stopping section where the voltage has been intentionally interrupted or if the locomotive is taken off the track.

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N & HO Scale
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Power1 Storage Module

The energy storage module Power1 was designed for connection to GOLD decoders. This storage unit supplies both the decoder and the locomotive in case of a power interruption on the track (e.g. in case of a dead frog or dirty track).

Its compact design allows installation in many locomotive models.

Size (Imperial): 0.87 x 0.52 x 0.37 inches
Size (Metric): 22 x 13.3 x 9.4 mm
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O & G Scale
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Power3 Storage Module

In combination with the Gold+ maxi, for example, the Power3 is particularly wellsuited as a power storage for the use with large gauges.

Size (Imperial): 1.26 x 0.42 x 0.98 inches
Size (Metric): 32 x 10.6 x 25 mm
List: 77.50
Discount: 80%

Steve's: 15.50