HO Scale Silent Mobile Decoders

This line of mobile decoders provides high performance motor control and Hyperlight lighting effects in a variety of easy to use formats. These decoders are designed to be compatible with all Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders, making it a simple task for customers who wish to speed-match their Tsunami sound decoders to a motor decoder.

There are currently two N-Scale motor decoders and four HO Scale motor decoders. All are suitable for models which do not exceed a 1 Amp stall current. All versions feature SoundTraxx Hyperlight lighting effects. They include the SoundTraxx Hyperdrive Motion Control System, which is found in all Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders and incorporates advanced motor control features such as High Resolution Speed Steps and High frequency PWM Drive (Pulse-Width-Modulation) to help eliminate motor 'hum'. Hyperdrive also includes such features as programmable speed curves, and adjustable momentum.

All models are compatible with NMRA DCC standards and Recommended Practices, and are manufactured in Durango, Colorado. On the four-function decoders each of the four function outputs can be independently set to any of SoundTraxx fourteen different Hyperlight lighting effects. Hyperlight effects also include a choice of directional or Rule 17 lighting control, grade crossing timers, adjustable flash rate, and a unique LED Brightness Correction control mode that allows the user to compensate for the output differences that typically occur between incandescent bulbs and LEDs.

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This decoder will operate in both DC and DCC.

Peak Amp Rating: 1.0
Voltage (Max): 27
Size (Imperial): 0.98 x 0.63 x 0.24 inches
Size (Metric): 25.0 x 16.0 x 6.2 mm
Motor Drive: HyperDrive Motion Control System
Function Outputs: 4 @ 100mA
Interface: 9-pin JST to wire harness for soldering
List: 26.95
Discount: 50%

Steve's: 13.47